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Productos personalizados collage para colgar

Productos Collages

Regala un momento de emoción

Lienzo Foto Collage

Nuevos temasdesde sólo 24,95€ 14,95€Descubrir

Póster Foto Collage

Favoritodesde sólo 8,95€ 5,35€Descubrir

Lienzo Foto Collage
    Imprime tus fotos favoritas en una foto sobre lienzo y crea un recuerdo inolvidable y original.
desde sólo 29,95€ 17,95€> Descubrir

Póster Foto Collage
    Elige el mejor diseño para tus fotos favoritas
desde sólo 9,95€ 5,95€> Descubrir

Póster Rígido Forex Collage
    Ideal para exponer tus fotos en tu casa o para realizar una exposición profesional.
desde sólo 17,95€> Descubrir

Cojín Foto Collage
    Una idea original para crear un diseño de interior realmente único con tus fotos preferidas
desde sólo 24,95€ 14,95€> Descubrir

Showcase your memories with a Photo Collage.

Create a Photo Collage Product

Can't pick just one photo? Don't!

Our photo collage gifts come in all shapes and sizes and we love our Collage Canvas – the perfect way to treasure memories both old and new. We also have a ton of lovely photo collage posters and prints to get you excited as well as our lovely range of canvases and collage mugs.

One of our favourites is our Collage Photo Book. It’s our unique take on creating a collage book, with nine window cut-outs to the front cover you can personalise it however you choose. There are loads of layouts to play around with so you can be sure to include all the photos you need, you can even use old prints and upload them onto your collage.

PhotoBox Photo Collage Range

Your collage, your way

Photo collages are a great way to make your snaps last forever and we know how important it can be to cherish those special memories. Once you’ve picked the perfect pictures for your collage and decided how you’d like to showcase them it’s time to get creating. Collage prints can come in all shapes, sizes & forms!

Our dedicated design studios take you through the process step by step, offering layout and themes tips and tricks along the way. Once your photo collage is created you can leave the rest up to us and we’ll make sure it’s delivered to your door - just the way you designed it.



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